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The beautiful color photos helped me to easily identify my boxes of "trash" and give them a value. uk. All magazines were recovered from a full basement where they were stored for many years. Trump was 60 years old then, yet the experience was still formative in a way. 26 volume set in leatherette binding. Pinterest, of course, is a wealth of genius DIY information, so we’ve compiled 30 of the coolest things you can make with old magazines. Determining whether or not old Life magazines are worth more than their cover prices is a matter of time and patience. Browse your favorite brands affordable prices free shipping on many items. Do they have any value to anyone besides a 18 year old high school kid or am i holding on to nothing more than fire pit tender? Appreciate any There you are, confronted with stacks and stacks of old magazines. 'reproving' the value of the date and the models, meanwhile, the pollution of the  MagazinePriceSearch. The value of old magazines is that you can get more knowledge,or you can learn histories,what happened in the past. com. This type of detail can, indeed, affect the price value. . Donate used magazines to a dentist’s or doctor’s office or auto shop waiting room. Most important, the love affair the authors have for magazines comes across in their historical entries. Politics, world news, photos, video, tech reviews, health, science and entertainment news. I came across an article published last year that summarized the 10 most valuable Playboy magazine editions of all time. All images are copyrighted to their respective owners. The High End. co. Earn rewards when you play games, try offers and visit ValueMags daily. Mar 28, 2013 Time's coverline is wrong, grandiose, and cruel. Looking a your list of magazines, I have determined by looking at the values of each issue both in book value and also current market value, that your best course of action would be to sell all of the magazines as a collection together with the exception of the motor trend magazines which should be sold together in their own lot. Magazines also gives you knowledge from time to time. Find old, vintage, back issues of LIFE Magazines for sale. Good Old Days Magazine Good Old Days is a history magazine that focuses on America's favorite memories and warm thoughts from the years 1930 through 1960. I am impressed with the quality of your LIFE magazines that I ordered. All magazines have an "old-book" smell and are sold as is. But it can . NEW! Esquire Listings In Price Guide Prices for Esquire magazine released - 1/31/06. • High demand old comics. About the iGuide?Old Magazines Price Guide. A REFERENCE & VALUE GUIDE Vote for the vintage Rolling Stone magazine covers with the most attractive design, most #1 of 338 on The Top Country Artists of All Time #20 of 1166 on The Best Singers of All Time #29 of Old Rock Stars You Didn't Realize Are Still Alive. If you want to try it, place a piece of fabric over the cover. Vintage magazines appeal to people who have a particular interest in old paper, to be sure, but they are also collected for the specific content on and between their covers. This is my own grading guide which I use when selling my magazines. Not all old magazines or newspapers are valuable; the value is usually based on whether or not they are in good condition with no tears, rips, missing covers, or markings. How to Determine the Value of Old Magazines By Miriam Kresh ; Updated April 12, 2017. Though it’s true most magazines are worth very little, it’s also true that even low-value magazines can add up; after all, a stack of 100 National Geographic issues valued at $5 each is still worth $500. 12/10/2015 All magazines are re-uploaded to FileJoker, free for download, except JAPAN Mags, they are only for premium members of FileJoker, if you like to support our work please buy premium account of FileJoker from links of our website. Search our extensive TIME Magazine cover archive to see what has been making headlines from 1923 to the present. . All magazines are in VERY GOOD, GOOD or FAIR condition. Now, I know you can’t give an estimated price on a sale online, so I would just like to know if you can provide some examples of what others received for their old magazines. It won’t be news to anyone, but the first couple of years worth of Playboy magazines are worth something today. We have sold over 125,000 Life Magazine issues to happy customers all over the world in the 22 years we've been in business. And this funny little time capsule hasn't been in my possession for nearly two decades Old magazines can fetch a decent profit online or at flea markets. Looking them over you see that there are complete editions of dozens of titles from Movie Mirror, Vogue, and Vanity Fair to Popular Mechanics, Look, and Saturday Evening Post. If you've got a lot of old magazines, chances are you really enjoy reading them, but people are looking to pass the time, is an ideal place to donate magazines. Outstanding. 9. Fashionista’s Tyler McCall ponders the value of old magazines in a recent piece about her quest to acquire several specific back issues of fashion magazines like Vogue. Its name is derived from Time and Life magazines, two of the most popular magazines of the era, both owned by the company. Hot tip for selling old Playboys Collectors could be more interested in old issues of Hugh Hefner's girlie magazine now that it has announced it will stop publishing pictures of fully naked women. Warren, whose price guide books have been the authority on collectibles values since 1985. ” people are essential to the success of this 96-year-old institution. And remember, I Buy Magazines! AbeBooks offers a vast number of vintage newspapers, magazines, periodicals and journals. Magazine hoarders, collectors, or anyone planning to clean out their attic in the near future, it's time to rejoice! Your dusty old stockpile of glossy magazines could earn you a pretty penny. With the help of The Antique Trader Vintage Magazines Price Guide the door was opened for me to the world of old magazines. I recently "inherited" a collection of old Playboy magazines. Values: Samantha Cameron and her sister Emily Sheffield on wild times in  Jul 10, 2018 By 2015, there were 600,000 magazines for sale at any time in the UK alone Brigitte Bardot and Marilyn Monroe sell old, as well as new, magazines (see a magazine valuable, but it will multiply the value if it already meets  Oct 17, 2017 How to make money selling vintage ads from your old magazines Taking the time to carefully select which ads to sell, doing your research  I found a 10 year old Nickelodeon magazine in my closet while decluttering Recycle it - worth far less than the amount of time it will take you to list / sell / ship. Find the Life magazine for the week you were born or surprise a loved one with this Our Life Magazines are 100% guaranteed to be the original, old, complete three to four miles from the LM at any time, which is the distance an astronaut  A question I often receive is, “Can I make money on eBay by selling old and vintage magazines?” The short Sorting through a pile of magazines can be very time consuming. Author Richard E. but would make a great piece of history for the budget minded to mark any occasion. Disclaimer: while reasonable effort is made to ensure that the information provided on RarityGuide. Its time to get rid of some stuff. Sporty Ghost bring to you the list of top 10 Sports Magazines of All time in history of sports. As for the magazines, like anything, the more rare the edition is, the greater the value. So, I was wondering what I should do with them. this is hard to do properly (one can easily damage a magazine, especially when they are not familiar with the process) and not usually recommended for old magazines that are collectables. Receive free express shipping with your Barnes & Noble Membership. com sells around 2000 vintage ads every week. The most desired old magazines or newspapers are usually rare limited editions or ones depicting famous or historic Now you know where to sell old magazines and newspapers. Liberty Magazine, July 3, 1943 - Band Leader Harry James / Blood-Chilling Eyewitness Account from Formerly German-Occupied Soviet Village / Jungle Fighter Herman Bottcher So, I have a bunch of old magazines (Maxim, Stuff, Men's Health, Motortrend, etc) and they are kind of getting in the way now. As for steaming, like @XOIIO mentioned, . 1976 AIGA Medal for his contribution to integrating values of the past with a search for   Old magazines be sold online or at flea markets. Each issue is packed with design tips from professionals, secrets from antique dealers, and stories from decorators. The Essential Guide to American Magazines Here is the only guide on the market to all major categories of general circulation American magazines from 1880 to 1999. Get the best deal for Time Magazines from the largest online selection at eBay. Does the news of a potential sale affect perceived value of these risqué publications? Time will tell. Feature stories and photos of the good old days of 1930 through 1960 are all contributed by readers. Ex/Mt+ $85. As a history teacher, I am glad that there is a place I can go to buy vintage LIFE magazines that have all the history preserved. ABookMan. Past issues of Time, Life, Fortune, or Good Housekeeping are just some of the favorites among collectors. Time True Confessions TV Guide TIME's most notable covers throughout its 89-year-old history. ” But to do so, you have to take the time to conduct the ‘right’ eBay market research. See more ideas about Magazine covers, Time magazine and Cover pages. In 1940, William Saroyan lists the full Time editorial department in the play, Love's Old Sweet Song. Most sough-after old comic books are usually those published in a limited print run, or those few copies of popular titles that have survived after a long period of time. TIME Covers - TIME online offers a comprehensive database of TIME Magazine covers that have appeared on newsstands throughout the decades. We stock a few latest issues to order, enabling you to buy single issues of magazines online without subscription. Time is an American weekly news magazine and news website published in New York City. November 1954 – Centerfold: Diane Hunter. Generous gift-givers can show their appreciation to these troops by fulfilling one of these subscription requests. If you have a favorite magazine you have kept for sentimental reasons, you might consider holding on to it for a while longer. I have about two crates full of tattoo magazines from 2012- 2015, most are still in good condition, no pages torn out or ruined. Donate magazines to a hospital. By 2015, there were 600,000 magazines for sale at any time in the UK alone on ebay. Apr 25, 2019 In a statement provided to The Daily Beast, Time magazine digital The staff also said they were paid “significantly less than the market value of our work. For example, with auction bidding, as a buyer, you’re setting the price you’re willing to pay for a seller’s wares at the point you stop bidding. org. No strings attached. FREE PDF & INTERACTIVE E-MAGAZINES. And a few “Bizarre” mags. Magazines don’t have to be old and collectible to have some monetary value for you. All are in pretty good condition. If you have a complete, unbroken set, that’s worth real money. You can also post an ad on Craigslist. the rage,” says Reyne Hirsch, long-time appraiser on PBS' Antiques Roadshow. A question I often receive is, “Can I make money on eBay by selling old and vintage magazines?” The short answer is, “Yes. Ten-point Grading Guide for Vintage Magazines. Vintage African-American Magazines Hot Black Romance Black romance! Other than the dynamite duo of Jet and Ebony from Johnson Publications in Chicago, African-American magazines are surprisingly scarce, which is why the examples I pick to show here likely will not look familiar. Now, having low monetary value does not mean you should throw them away. Find great deals on eBay for Old Time Magazines in Magazine Back Issues and Current Issues. Print-based magazines may actually be a thing of the past one day and your speculation just might pay off. Shop with confidence. Now you know where to sell old magazines and newspapers. I have News paper 5 News Papers ( 1963 and 1947 ) and Life Magazines (1948 ) which I  Free magazine subscriptions online. You can resell whole magazines, or sell useful articles or Magazines By Title -National Geographic - Issues, Maps, Books - Life Magazine - Time - Look - Saturday Evening Post - Collier's - New Yorker - Newsweek - People-Atlantic/Harper's - Fortune – Sports Illustrated – Ebony – Vanity Fair – Rolling Stone – Ladies Home Journal – Holiday – Smithsonian – Mad Magazine – TV Guide But do old or antique newspapers have any collectible value? The answer is a definite…maybe! Newspapers have been around almost as long as the Gutenberg Press. Old Magazines [Richard E. Additionally there is a couple of 1931 editions. are people interested in this type of magazine? does it hold any value to a collector? i have some old TIME magazines ranging in years from the late 50's to the 70's (most covers are in the 60's) they are all original. There are around 15,000 searches a month on Google for vintage ads, and eBay. A place to buy vintage muscle magazines. The demand of particular old comics in the market is a huge factor to its value. This page analyses eBay sales and discusses collecting magazines: A feel for the magazine market; Magazine prices on Ebay; What sells a magazine? Why People Buy Old Magazines. OldLifeMagazines. Here is what some of our customers have to say about our magazines: I just received the magazine and I am thrilled. Check out our blog article about Sports Illustrated magazine! Time Magazine: Luce and Hadden Revolutionize the News Magazine. Even magazines with controversial pictures or issues may not have any monetary value if there are many copies available. Collectible Magazine Online Price Guide November Newsletter - 11/8/05. magazines, vintage magazines, vintage magazine sales, Life Magazine, Life Magazines, old life magazines, Life magazine back issues, Time magazine back issues, b Are any of these potentially worth enough money that they warrant the time and effort they would take to list and mail? Is selling old magazines worth the effort Check back often for more Magazines when made available. MAGAZINE TO FEATURE THE BEATLES ON THE COVER AND MOST CERTAINLY THE TIME "WHEN THE MUSIC DIED" THE DEATH OF JOHN LENNON . Here's how. Plus, you earn points (called MagPoints) for visiting ValueMags, playing games, answering surveys, and sharing with your friends. The Time Life company was founded by Time, Incorporated, in 1961, as a book marketing division. And in general they’ve been seen as expendable–meant to be read a time or two and then thrown away, or used for fish wrap or some other convenient purpose. Adult, Gay Interest, Architecture, Design, Decorating, Sports, Celebrity, Movie, Television, News, Science I love my books and magazines to be crisp and new. Jan 19, 2019 Most people have at least one or two old magazines laying around, but are How to Identify and Value Evening in Paris Perfume Collectibles  Check out the online archives of TIME Magazine: complete coverage since 1923 of world news, politics, entertainment, science, health, history, business and  Searchable appraisal guide to current market values for Old Magazines. XVideos. com GO TO BOOKS FOR SALE. I have newspapers we found in the walls of our old house that had been used as insulation. Value · Ebay. Luckily, the deceased, who'd suffered from OCD, had kept all in order. Donate old magazines to schools or day care centers. Aug 9, 2017 And this funny little time capsule hasn't been in my possession for nearly . as 'racial capitalism' — 'the process of deriving social and economic value from racial identity. An excellent copy of a particular title will be worth more than another copy in poor condition. at one time, expect to be offered anywhere from 30% to 50% of the total retail value  Nov 10, 2016- TIME's most notable covers throughout its 89-year-old history. Shop Barnes & Noble for Magazines, Newsstand. But you can make a lot more by cutting them up — and selling the vintage ads. The true value of an antique is negotiated between a buyer and seller at any given time. Finding information about a comic book is a good way to get an idea of a comic's value, especially if you can’t find it in a price guide or on an auction site. This is a list of professional wrestling magazines. will pay just for the packaging to increase the value of an earlier investment. Because of the limited number of copies for sale, it has gained even more popularity over the past year and its value keeps increasing. com saves you time and money by continually Best Price for Good Old Days Magazine Subscription CONSIDERED TO BE THE VERY FIRST U. Dec 21, 2018 In a sense, Time Magazine's 2018 choice for Persons of the Year was not just about “If you had told the 18-year-old me that I would be honored is important because it reflects “a growing recognition of the value of it, of the  Jul 6, 2016 Old electronics – That old computer, cell phone or, in some cases, game system The worst selling game console of all time, the Gizmondo (original price: 1981 List Price: $66 for 10-pack, per Radio Electronics Magazine. uk We are one of the largest dealers in magazines in the UK, and our website carries over 50,000 images from magazines we have collected. Magazines are one of the most requested items by service members and rather than receiving outdated "back issues", these troops can now receive their favorite magazines each month. i have some old TIME magazines ranging in years from the late 50's to the 70's (most covers are in the 60's) they are all original. And considering how digital our world has become, it may surprise you to learn just how valuable a good Fewer and fewer of the older examples will survive as time passes. They may have some light to moderate flaws like small tears, spots, library stamps etc. uk URL: www. Thinking about finally cleaning out your stash of old fashion magazines? You might want to take a second look before heaving them all into the recycling bin. brick houses, corrugated-aluminum shacks and lean-tos constructed from old shipping pallets. Flea Market Décor magazine is a quarterly publication that teaches readers how to transform flea market finds into beautiful home furnishings. com) Good Old Days Good Old Days magazine remembers the best of times from the turn of the century on up through the '50's, and all straight from the heart. Searching for Old Magazines market values? You have come to the right place! IGuide?is proud to host the online Old Magazines Price Guide. Sep 29, 2018 We also discuss old magazine values in case you're looking to sell specifically Playboys before 1966 and collections of Time and Life. Certain copies of 1960 Life magazines are worth more, including those having to do with that year's presidential race. And certainly there are far more magazines being sold on eBay - the number doubled in three years from 2010. R. It’s certainly the beautiful covers of Time Magazine, especially in the 1930’s through the early 1950’s, that makes it such an attractive choice for collectors, however it is the content that has made it the top selling news magazine for decades now. De Vilbiss on January 1, 2016 at 11:26pm in Buy/Sell/Trade View Discussions Breaking news and analysis from TIME. Top magazine sales from the month of October, The Top 40 magazine covers from the past 40 years, the essential Sports Illustrated issues for Lance Armstrong collectors, Site updates and more. As of March 2006 I’ve updated the guide to better reflect my actual recent grading–my own standards haven’t changed (And it still reads well in September 2011), but I’ve noticed some more common trends and language in my grading as I examine more and more issues of vintage Why selling old books and magazines is a good niche market. Time and Life magazines, Playboy, National Geographic, Vanity Fair, Vogue, the Illustrated London News (including the entire 120-year consecutive run of over 6,000 issues, for a cool 600 grand), the Paris Review and Popular Science are just a few of the Free magazine subscriptions online. Good Old Days is a history magazine that focuses on America's favorite memories nurturing memories and upholding positive values, even after all this time. Jun 4, 2013 In 1976 Time published “The World's Climate: Unpredictable” which is a very good The purpose of the image of the two Time magazine covers, and of the Coming Too recent to be history and too old to be current affairs. The size of the print-run is also a factor in value. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. List of Top 10 Best Sports Magazines of All time: For the sports fan, it is always an attraction to have a good copy of a widely popular sports magazine in order to cherish their passion for sports. There are also a collection of old maps that National Geographic published as well. Old Mags are older magazines at competitive prices. Unless noted otherwise, ALL the magazines are free of writing on the cover or pages. Nov 28, 2017 Former top editor worries about TIME magazine's future "Time Inc, the old titan of Sixth Avenue, needed Meredith to bail it out. Slow cooking is a popular trend and this book has some wonderful recipes. com tracks the lowest price on 1770 magazines from the top online magazine stores. Old Life Magazines has been online since 1996. but because it's the first time Sherlock Holmes appeared on a printed page  Aug 11, 2017 Time to Cash In, Hoarders: Your Old Magazines Are Actually Worth a Lot are worth more money—and the older the issue is, the more value it  Browse and buy a vast selection of Vintage Magazines (TIME Magazine) Collections: Art & Collectibles on AbeBooks. ”. Some vintage issues of Life command premium prices, while others are worth only a dollar or two, according to the Los Angeles Times. With up- to values on thousands of magazines, plus more than 550 new photos of collectible magazine covers, this book is a must for every collector. Another benefit of newspapers is the dramatic headline not found in magazines. A Guide to Selling National Geographic Magazines - revised 31 Dec 2015 Posted by Melvin L. The worth of old newspapers as mementos Posted by sherry on 6/08/10 • Categorized as Ephemera/Paper/Documents We all save them – the newspapers and magazines chronicling historical events in the country. How much would two boxes of Time Magazines from the late 1930"s/ early 1940's be worth? Can't tell you anything specific cause i dont have them with me, but i can say they are in really good shape. As for value, although now nearly 50 years old they never will enjoy dramatic increases in value beyond their current $25 – $40 prices as they were saved by the tens of thousands back in 1963. The date range is from approximately 1933-1963, with only about 2 or 3 editions missing in between. com is accurate and current, no guarantees for the currency or accuracy of information are made. This 1940 snapshot includes: Editor: Henry R. com Now Buying Vintage Life Magazine Issues A renowned seller of the rare and old Life magazines, OldLifeMagazines. Welcome to our Time Magazine list. All of our free magazine subscriptions come with no strings attached. When we talk about demand, scarcity of supply may also come to mind. are people interested in this type of magazine? does it hold any value to a collector? Donate old magazines to a local library. We carry all types of magazines ranging from Life Magazine, Time Magazine, Newsweek Magazine and many more! Our old magazines are a great birthday gift! WE DO NOT BUY MAGAZINES! Note: All Magazine Items are non returnable. It looks like i have every issue from 1970 through 1980-81and most are in great condition considering some of them are over 40 years old. com - the best free porn videos on internet, 100% free. Old Magazines, Second Edition, will delight both collectors and dealers. This site is only for demonstration purposes. Browse and buy a vast selection of Vintage Magazines Collections: Art & Collectibles on AbeBooks. People who collect tend to like complete collections, and often times, once they have one complete set, try to assemble another, so they can mix and match to have a “best” set (sometim We buy & sell rare & vintage rock, pop, punk music magazines, books, memorabilia, concert posters, photos, adverts, clippings & lots of old 1960's 70's underground press Advertising Archives Larry Viner 45 Lyndale Avenue London NW2 2QB 020 7435 6540 020 7794 6584 email: larry@advertisingarchives. I have in my possession 30 years of old National Geographic magazines. Donate magazines to teen centers or community centers. It's in good shape and the Key Issues: Initial publication 11/23/36 - Fort Peck Dam 7/11/38 Shirley Temple 5/1/39 Joe DiMaggio 2/3/41 Joseph Goebbels and Hermann Goring 12/15/41 Bombing of Pearl Harbor An even better arbiter of the current "street" value of Life magazines from the 1960s, however, is the online auction site eBay, which at any given time has hundreds to thousands of Life magazines up for bid. The price guide is maintained by Jon R. But you can make a lot more from your old reading material by cutting them up — and selling the vintage ads. There is a substantial market out there for genuine vintage prints from old magazines, books, and newspapers. Imagine finding a “McCall's” magazine from 1904. Magazines, newspapers, programs, and the like are in a category called  A TIME subscription brings you in-depth access to information about the people, places, and All magazine subscriptions will automatically renew annually. com Now Buying Vintage Life Magazine Issues 1. 1. This website has been established to assist collectors in their search for magazines and related material to add to their collections and for anyone who appreciates bodybuilding, weightlifting, physique and strength magazines and wants to view and research the history of such magazines. I have about 200 Life Magazines, mostly from the 40s(some 30s and some 50s). Send your want list of Magazines, or get notified of newly listed Magazines by joining the mailing list. If you do this you are going to get a very good value of your collection cause hard copies of such colle Download Vintage Old Retro Magazines. MagazinePriceSearch. We offer "Excellent" and "Good" magazines to fit any budget. These are great for those who want a complete, original, average condition issue to read and enjoy. This easy-to-read collection of memories will fascinate the young and the old alike. You may have an unusual or rare item on your hands that is currently not on the market. Clear] on Amazon. 40th Anniversary Issue 1963, 17. the contents of the magazine's 4,000-word story, which highlights a 5-year-old organization  Jun 4, 2018 Old newspapers have value in the collectibles marketplace. That old arcade game that you dragged from your parent's attic to your current “ The value of Pong has quadrupled in the last four years and is approaching $2000. We sell Back Issues, Used Magazines, Past Issues and Old Mags at competitive prices, we ship to most of the free world. 00, Search Ebay for 40th Anniversary  Results 1 - 48 of 61488 Get the best deal for Time Magazines from the largest online New Old Vintage Tme Soft Back Magazine September 11 2011 9/11 Time  Simply put, a magazine's value is determined by how much someone will pay for it. Welcome. These issues are in pretty good shape. It is at this point in time, a hard-to-find cookbook and only a limited number of copies are for sale online at any given time. Clear has 30 years of experience dealing in periodicals Good Old Days magazine is the magazine that remembers the best of times. Time-Life Books The Old West Series Complete 26 Volume Set [Dw Torrance] on Amazon. But simple magazines like Vogue might have the best resale value;  Nov 26, 2017 If you had to pick the year Time magazine's “person of the year” . 48 pages. Could Your Old Magazines Be Worth Money? more intently than I've read any issue of Vogue in a long time. They are published either in print or online and range from official magazines of professional wrestling promotions to "dirt sheets", which cover more insider information and sometimes rumors. It’s great fun to read articles and look at advertisements and their promises. You might be questioning who would want to purchase these old issues—you might be surprised to learn that many people collect vintage magazines out of nostalgia. Covers spring training, up and coming minor leaguers, Old Timers Day etc. If the 1927 Yankees were the greatest team in baseball history, then the 1961 Yankees were the second greatest team of all time. The condition of a magazine is also important in determining its value. Records 1 - 20 of 2359 Time Magazine Rarity Guide and Price Guide. Our Life Magazines are 100% guaranteed to be the original, old, complete issues and we offer a full refund policy. Diane Hunter was one of the early 1950’s most popular pinup models, having been featured in several calendars and finally the November 1954 issue of Playboy. 10. Use the resources in this article to determine how much your magazines are worth and find buyers so you can turn Dad’s old stash into cash. com is now offering attractive prices to those who are looking forward to sell old magazines. THANK YOU!!! I hope to do business with you again! You are truly a very professional and exemplary company!! " - C. These make fascinating reading because it’s like opening a time capsule to the era. “We weren't meant to get old and feeble”: Sunday Times readers share their . Never enter a credit card and never get billed. The most desired old magazines or newspapers are usually rare limited editions or ones depicting famous or historic Do you have a few (or a lot!) of old magazines tucked away somewhere, hoping that they will be worth something eventually? Clifford Aliperti, an online dealer of vintage magazines, shares his expertise about the value of old magazines in this exclusive expert interview. "I have recieved my life magazines - very impressed with delivery time,packaging, speed, efficiency, customer service and above all condition and by far the best prices on the The magazines. 1961 New York Yankees Yearbook. advertisingarchives. org or Freecycle. We reserve the right to substitute gifts of equal or greater value. (As described by Magazines. For example, those who have fond memories of JFK may seek out copies of the November 29, 1963, issue of “Life,” with its formal portrait of the recently assassinated If you are planning to buy an old Sports Illustrated magazines and display an old Sports Illustrated back issue or cover in your "man cave", we recommend the SI back issue be in "Excellent" condition or better. Catalog of Old and Vintage Magazines. The Yankees revised official yearbook in superb condition. The Dallas Times Herald, November 22, 1963, JFK Ambushed in . Whether it’s a a set of notecards or a chic print for Either keep a copy of the same month in different editions such as the US edition , CHINA edition, AUSTRALIAN edition all these in HARD COPY . What do you suppose is the best way to sell them? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Buy old American magazines and international past copies - we have a wide range of rare out of print editions from Australia, France, Russia, Japan and other countries around the world. S. value of old time magazines

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