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The ruling Dasha periods will also have impact on the longevity of your married life. So, it is also called face reading. 3. The manner of death can be seen from this House. The results will vary depending upon the strength and weakness of houses. Marriage is an important decision of our Life. E. Chance of Loss Of Lover Or Spouse- Indications in Vedic Astrology Longevity lord Saturn or shani is placed in the markesh bhava or house of second house  One does not want to have a spouse which is not compatible in any sense. A waxing moon would bring very charming and fair spouse. The Eighth house is called Randhra Bhava in Vedic Astrology. The difference in age between the native and his spouse will be big. House Lords for Each Ascendant Page 1 The Unique Qualities of House Lords for Each Ascendant by Hank Friedman When a planet is the significator of a life theme and also rules the house that represents that theme (for a specific Ascendant), then that planet becomes the primary significator of the theme. There are 27 Constellations in Vedic astrology. 8th house is known as very vulnerable house in the astrology. A man whose spouse has died is a widower. 7th house represents spouse, 2nd house represents Maraka(death causing planet) So In women horoscope, 8th house(2nd house from 7th house) represents longevity of husband. The Eighth house in Astrology is connected to everything hidden, such as hidden treasures, spirituality, hidden or occult knowledge, transformations, death, rebirth, and unexpected gains. If there is a benefic aspect or conjunction, native will be in involved in some art. With father, things won’t be going much good, but there is an indication that he may either lose his job or may retire naturally. 2. This should be interpreted carefully. Astrology is a passion turned profession for me, I have been around as an amateur since 1999, I turned professional in 2012, I believe in the theory of karma or effort. Saturn, the Ayus Karaka or significator of longevity is considered good in the 8th. Jaimini Sutras Course III. One of the best placements in astrology, Venus in the eighth house brings finesse, beauty and pleasure to the eighth house. These individuals, when in active politics generally adopt very rigid approach to any personal or social or communal or national matter, and instead of appreciating reason, they try to find out supporters to their viewpoint or their Astrology FAQ #1 — What indicates widowhood in the horoscope of a female? Mars and Rahu and if it don’t have any benefic association or aspection then her spouse longevity is in question Saturn has nothing much to do with the longevity of the spouse, that would depend on the stars of the spouse. The 2nd house. 7th house represents spouse, 2nd house represents Maraka(death causing house(2nd house from 7th house) represents longevity of husband. Ruthu chart reveals only about the marital life, children, happiness, longevity of husband, conjugal bliss and the character of the native. Life Partner Report - who? how? and what will my life partner be like astrology - know details of your life partner as per Indian vedic astrology system at astrolika. The 8th House is considered when delineating a person’s longevity. Jupiter when placed in its sign of exaltion becomes strongest benefic, but all that matters is the placement. can be seen from many other angles, 7th house just tells us about the Spouse in general and relations with business partners The house under discussion now is the 11th house which signifies our hopes and dreams. employed for determining longevity, but longevity is determined on the basis of the strength of the horoscope in its entirety, and the  Mar 10, 2017 Mars with Rahu or Ketu in 7th house in malefic drekana or at Rasi Sandhi (first or last degree of some sign) is bad for longevity of spouse. This book is filled with practical insights, and is a must-read for those students of astrology who are looking for excellent tips and pointers for their predictive work in astrology. Mars is known as planet of strength, because this is very sensitive house Mars give power and strengthen to this house. Death of husband or that of wife can occur if the indications listed below are there and there is no strong benefic influence to counteract;. It is all about hidden matters of life including our most vulnerable points and aspects. Saturn and Rahu are the The Seventh House is called Yuvati Bhava in Vedic Astrology and belongs to the Triangle of Desire or Kama Trikona. Why Vedic Astrology is Better for Marriage Prediction Vedic Astrology gives importance to the moon houses and is not totally centered around the sun. But Marak (lord of death) in the house of Longevity will reduce the longevity of spouse, the death of spouse at some distant place from own place. Some people consider 9th house as the house of second marriage in astrology because 9th is the 3rd from 7th. Unable to conceive after marriage. This has proven to be correct indeed. , The lord of 8th house is in the 8th house, it gives the native a longevity while a weak constitution, liable to catch infections and all sorts of misfortunes. The Indian astrology, also called "Jyotish" which means "Light" is the first science revealed to men. 6. For this, many people first evaluate the janma kundalis of the respective partners. com astrologers give you free online prediction about boy and girl marriage life after checking their names, date of birth, time and place of birth. UpaPada lagna ke swami ki isth birth charts eighth house, birth charts 8th House of death, inheritance, Longevity, research, Reincarnation, foreign land, scientific reaserch, insurance Indian Astrology & Horoscope consultation by indianastrologyhoroscope. Mars known as planet of strength, because this is very sensitive house Mars give power and strengthen to this house. com. Widower is a person who has outlived the woman to whom he was married at the time of her death. The god "Brahma" would have taught it to the Great Sages. Eighth House in Astrology is also known as “House of Longevity” or “Ayu Bhava” It represents the one’s longevity or span of life in this world. 2 nd house/lord- family life and longevity of spouse, Coming to the evaluation of the longevity promised in the chart, it has to be stated at the outset that though Yogas have been given in the astrology classics to come to an understanding of the expected lifespan of the native, these are not always clear in their operation and manifestation. How to study Marriage in Astrology. The factors to be examined are primarily the 7th house (marriage) and also the 2nd house (family and longevity of spouse, being 8th from 7th house), the 8th house (mangalya or marital happiness), the 4th house (general happiness, the 5th house (love and progeny), the 12th house (bed comforts), together with the Moon (mind) aid Venus, Kalatrakaraka or significator of marriage and conjugal bliss. Jupiter in seventh house brings spouse who has very kind and god fearing nature. The effort required to keep the marriage going. If horoscope tally one can be confident that the pair would live happily after  Jan 23, 2018 The astrological principles discussed in this paper mutatis mutandis (marriage) and also the 2nd house (family and longevity of spouse,  Apr 9, 2019 Marriage Astrology-Know about Future Spouse Appearance-husband and wife from planets in 7th house. • A native may have a long life if his kundli has the auspicious arrangement of the 8th house, Saturn, Ascendant and the lord of the Ascendant. com -astrology solution by celebrity Indian Astrologers Step3: Once you have identified which sign is your Eighth house, the next step in understanding aspects of your Transformation, Obstacles & Longevity house is to know which planets most directly influence it and modify its nature. 7th house plays a vital role in finding details of spouse. So 8th house from 7th house i. If the 7th lord is auspiciously placed in Fiery signs viz Aries, Leo, Sagittarius; then the spouse will be tall, good looking and will have a caring attitude towards you. UpaPada lagna se marital happiness kis prakar dekhte hain. Also If 8th lord goes to dusthana(6th or 12th) with Saturn, Mars or Rahu and don’t have any aspection then death of husband can be predicted. Seventh House Lord in second house from its own house indicates – spouse of natal can be a rich and wealthy person. Read more about types of houses in Astrology. Wealth and speech in marriage. Gurudeva(Ph:732-448-0667) is one of the famous Indian traditional Tamil astrologer and Jyotish in USA, having undergone years of study and research in the ancient art of Hindu Astrology/ Vedic Astrology/ Indian Astrology, It is one of the most important as well as sensitive segment of Vedic astrology to which we wish to like to share with the visitor of Vedalink's family site. We have discussed earlier about Look and Nature of Future Spouse from Horoscope and here we will discuss about what are the combinations for foreign spouse in Astrology. Venus in seventh house brings beautiful spouse but it may produce some problem to the relationship with the spouse in long run. The natal Sun not only  More than one wife/husband Yog in Horoscope. Get Free astrology Spouse Relationship report. It is a scientific study which combines human lives and characteristics with relevant planetary positions, to mathematically calculate the major events that may influence our future including our standing, our relationships, longevity and prosperity. All sorts of misfortunes are given by the lord of the 8th. 8th house shows Longevity. Whether you believe in astrology or not, its longevity pretty much speaks for itself. The spouse of the native will be greedy, hard-hearted and unreliable, but he will be hardworking and a person of the world. In any horoscope, 7th house either from Lagna or Moon sign should coincide either with lagna or moon sign of the life partner. 5. This longevity in relationship must especially be long or the union may end in either of the couple becoming a   The examination of the longevity of the baby born is the first thing done by elders losing life due to the sins of the parents or due to other astrological factors. The factors which are purely responsible for a remarriage or a second marriage in Vedic astrology are: Ascendant – the nature and aptitude of the person, the mind and taste as well as his/her self identity. Saturn has nothing much to do with the longevity of the spouse, that would depend on the stars of the spouse. g. 6 Longevity and Health of Spouse 55. This is the most important malefic house in a horoscope. They also try to look up online kundali matching which is available nowadays, as well as try and get online marriage prediction between two people with calculations based on the birth date, time and location. They are the most crucial element for time related predictions. In astrology, one can see whether the spouse is going to be as per the desire or not. Weaker the strength of planets or/and more  In many astrology books you will read that the Sun describes the husband in the female horoscope. The give and take in intimate relationships comes easily and naturally. It indicates public image of the native and foreign travels made due to his/her own profession. Natal may enjoy long life, but lack of happiness from spouse. The role of 8th house in the natal chart indicates longevity, mode of death, chronic diseases, surgery, accidents, calamities, misfortunes etc. this chart stops working after menopause (end of menses) As such, we need to analyze how to predict Second Marriage of a person in astrology. The spouse will be taciturn and will avoid the company. The 8th lord in the 8th is considered to be good for longevity, but a weak constitution will […] How to judge marital happiness and marital longevity/ UpaPada lagna. All About Spouse Via Astrology. Jaimini Sutras arranged in four chapters cover Karakamsa, Arudha, Upapada and navamsa in the first chapter; Longevity, Diseases, Profession, Progeny and Spouse, in the second; Longevity, Nature and cause of death, in the third; and in the fourth chapter it Vedic Astrology (KP Astrology) is an improvement over the predictive wing of Vedic Astrology. After getting a new  Jan 20, 2017 How to find the direction of your future spouse: distance of spouse's house from the native's house? direction of spouse in Vedic astrology, life  Get Free astrology Spouse Relationship report. SECOND MARRIAGE IN ASTROLOGY / MORE THAN ONE MARRIAGE SECOND MARRIAGE IN ASTROLOGY : The second marriage in astrology is seen from the 2nd house of Horoscope. Physiognomy refers to reading the faces of people to understand their charater and destiny. It is due to Jupiter’s aspect on the seventh house. Weak, Debilitated, Afflicted Mars in Astrology in 9th House: Negative placement of Mars in this house gives problems in achieving goals in life and higher education. The marriage longevity in astrology will depend on the compatibility between your and your spouse’s chart. Each Navamsa division is 3 degree 20 minutes which is exactly the same as the one phase/charan/pada of a Nakshtra. This placement of Mars in horoscope is not good for longevity of the spouse. Preface The very subject of Astrology has been a tough one for many students, particularly the branch of longevity has been literally a hard-nut to crack for many. Marriage is one of the best relationships one goes through during the life time. Through Physiognomy, it is possible to read any person like a book. Chance of Loss Of Lover Or Spouse- Indications in Vedic Astrology: If Venus is in 8th house and the lord of seventh house is weak /debilitates the death of spouse can happen in 18/33 year. This is the main house to understand the possibilities for second marriage and the longevity of the spouse as well. Astrology is the science of the effects of the planets movements on our lives and all things. * It is also likely to involve your 10th house, its ruler or planets therein as your 10th house is the 4th house (the end) of your partner or spouse. • According to Vedic astrology Saturn is the responsible for life span and in a kundli the 8th house decides a person’s longevity. The native has good relationship with his spouse. 4. Know about your marriage prediction, marriage astrology and marriage horoscope by date of birth? Akashvaani. Based on our Kundali astrologers can very well predict about your spouse. Some people also advice to use 11th house as the house of second marriage astrology. Now we see the placement of the lord Mercury, it is placed in twelfth house from seventh and hemmed in between malefic and hamper the career progress of the spouse he deserves. Astrology is based on astronomy in that astrologers need to know the correct positions of the planets at any given time, as well as the correct positions of the zodiacal fixed star signs in relation to any place on earth at any given time. Determining Longevity through Astrology - Mr. It also depicts our appearance, facial features, body structure and the mental level. Natal may enjoy long life, but lack of Maraka Planet in astrology In simple words, maraka planets are lord of 2nd and 7th house and their lords are called as Markesh. Astrology 10 Mar17 22221 Death of spouse as indicated in Horoscope . It indicates the general nature and characteristics of the spouse of the native. Your Longevity or Life span From your Birth Horoscope- vedic Astrology Or Jyotish Your Longevity From your Birth Horoscope- vedic Astrology Or Jyotish We all want ourselves and our loved ones to live long. e. Marriage or second Marriage related House in Horoscope. Venus in the 3rd makes one devoid of happiness from spouse and subject to the This benign position of Venus makes one wealthy with good longevity. As per Vedic astrology our stars, zodiacs and planets tells lot about us. The 8th lord is the most malefic planet and he can destroy any Bhava or House. However, the effect of Mars in Horoscope also depends on other factors like the strength of the 7th House Lord (the ruler of marriage), occupation of good or bad planets in the 7th house or their benefic or malefic aspects, the strength of the planet giving longevity to the spouse amongst other things. This house is also considered as the house of death. It is very important that we, at the very outset, understand the reason, why out of million others, none other but a particular person becomes our spouse? According to astrology, which believes Karmic theory, This means that either we owe something to others […] Let us know in detail through the concept of astrology. Sun is known as a cruel planet in Vedic astrology. Mystery of 8th House in Astrology Part 1 : Understanding Transformation, obstacles and longevity Religious property, research, robbery, scandal money, trouble to spouse, unknown and hidden WHAT WILL MY LIFE PARTNER BE LIKE. Age of Spouse in Marriage Astrology. Compatability in horoscopes for marriage Happy Announcement : The happy festival of Christmas soon comes on Dec-25th. * The Part of Death is often involved. A good marriage life relationship with spouse can make someone live in heaven. The 8th House rules the occult sciences, such as Astrology, Mediumship and Psychic practices. Oct 5, 2017 7th house represents spouse, 2nd house represents Maraka(death causing house(2nd house from 7th house) represents longevity of husband. in addition to providing another Jaimini focal point, the Upapada. I have been practising Vedic astrology for the past Indian Astrology more popularly known as Vedic Astrology is a Divine science which marks its birth from the Vedas and Upanishads. It also shows the longevity of spouse. . There are so many planetary combinations are available in astrology that is used to explain second marriage in astrology. Eighth House-And medical astrology The 8th House rules diseases and death. All mortals look forward to a happy and prosperous life, where they love and cherish, enjoy success and appreciation and have a close family that they can call their very own. The 8th House indicates disease, defeat, punishments, accidents, longevity, mode of death & surgery. Venus aspect on eighth house gives good longevity to the native. Individual Chart Analysis: The first House matter pertains to appearance, behavior, constitution, dignity, fame, happiness or sorrow, head, health, longevity, nature of a person, strength or weakness of the body and personality, livelihood etc. Anatural benefic should occupy the seventh house. Including death due to natural causes, disease, accident or suicide as per your horoscope. A benefic planet in the second house is very auspicious. A malefic is welcome but it shows great efforts needed to keep the marriage intact. These chapter deals primarily with family life: Marriage, qualities of spouse, children, siblings, etc. Loading Unsubscribe from Yogeshwar 7000? The Eighth house tells you about your longevity - Duration: 16:43. Divorce is a state in which a husband and wife discover that they do not have compatibility or proper understanding due to non co-operation of the other one. If the native is blessed with longevity only then the results of various combinations will fructify. KP System (Indian Astrology) is known for the best and most accurate predictions. Astrology can predict the longevity of a marriage. These individuals, when in active politics generally adopt very rigid approach to any personal or social or communal or national matter, and instead of appreciating reason, they try to find out supporters to their viewpoint or their Astrology FAQ #1 — What indicates widowhood in the horoscope of a female? Mars and Rahu and if it don’t have any benefic association or aspection then her spouse longevity is in question Unnatural Death in Vedic Astrology Yogeshwar 7000. In a male chart the 7th house signifies the wife, and in a female  May 9, 2017 Is your relationship meant to be? A deep dive into your astrological chart might have the answer. The spouse has all these traits and is still active and an editor in an astrological company. Sun in this house indicates mental tension, low profits in business or not proper reward in profession and Insomnia. For many people marriage brings Luck and fortune and similarly for many people it brings misfortune too. 10th House: How others view one's marriage 11th House: The desires, hopes, gains of one's spouse 12th House: The bed pleasures and donations within the 8th house in horoscope indicates longevity of the spouse. Fire sign rules over 1st,5th,9th house (trines) in kaalpurush zodiacs & are the significator of Dharma. The native will marry late in life. Dr. Different Planets in Seventh House Sun Sun in seventh house is considered an inauspicious placement – even though sun is exalted will be a malefic placement. The impact one's spouse has on one's believes. Dr C V B Subrahmanyam is a Vedic astrologer who has done research activities in astrology, literature, poetry, medical astrology practice (Jyothirvaidyam) and the epics - Bharatam, Bhagavatham, Ramayanam etc. since they represent the potential for longevity in the relationship—and these days,  Apr 11, 2018 Since Mars is occupying the 8th house from 7th (spouse), it may result in the of those house due to the concept of Karaka Bhavo Nashya in Vedic Astrology. * The death of the spouse will involve your 2nd house, its ruler or planets therein as the 2nd house is the 8th house from the 7th. Who becomes Our Spouse? There are millions of persons in the world. Read about How to Know Marriage Time from Vedic astrology-Step by Step Guide. If you buy any product from this site, you can avail free Individual Chart Analysis for any one house or Rashi. The 7th house is considered the house of marriage, spouse and compatibility and hence is checked to determine the kind of spouse a person will have. If the 12 th house lord is in seventh and the lord of seventh house is in 8 th house- one could lose ones spouse in 19th year. He is the Head of the Department of Astrology, Potti Sri Ramulu Telugu University, Hyderabad. Spouse and marriage is the main signification of this astrological house. An afflicted second house is not welcome as it gives tensions in married life. One can learn to appreciate others, to become more flexible and rational. As a preceptor of demons, Venus stands for the husband in the horoscope of a female Contacts with other women would prove harmful and affect the longevity  Aug 28, 2016 In Astrology, 7th house and its lord represents spouse and partners. The Eighth house is ruled by the planet Mars (sign) Scorpio and Mars is lord of 8th house. Horoscope gives the future of the partners in regard to longevity, health, fidelity, etc. 2nd house/lord– the longevity of spouse or the What others are saying Indications of a Disturbed Married Life – as per Astrology How Astrology can Predict Major Problems in Career Struggles in career - If the 1st house lord is aspecting the 8th and 12th house, the person will have to struggle to get whatever they want. Let us remember, in Astrology, the planets Saturn, Mars, Sun, Rahu and Kethu are . Nature and Character of your Life  ii) The strength of 2nd lord from upapada or placement of planets in 2nd from upapada indicate longevity of spouse. The Nature of the Spouse, the Longevity of the Marriage, Longevity of the Spouse, Divorce, Seperations/Delays; The Prediction goes wrong when Astrologer is not able to Pick the thing correctly or overlook it. It gives inability to face instinctual challenges and creates sudden obstacles in the path of the Jaimini Sutras, also called as Upadesa Sutras is an ancient Sanskrit text on the predictive part of Hindu astrology, attributed to Maharishi Jaimini, the founder of the Purva Mimamsa branch of Hindu philosophy, a disciple of Rishi Vyasa and son of Parashara. The marakas and the planets associated with the marakas, and all malefic planets can cause illness and death during the operation of their dashas but if longevity is over but the dasa of maraka is not operating then the lord of the 12th house acts as the maraka and its dasha or the dasha of a malefic can cause death. There are total 108 Navamsa. Dear ABC, What will my Life Partner be like Marriage or a long term partnership with a member of the opposite gender is extremely important in life. For second marriage to happen legally, first marriage has to break through divorce or death of 1st spouse, which can be known to happen if sublord of 7th house is connected to 2nd house or 6th house(one of its strong significators), as 2nd is 8th to 7th house and 6th is 12th to 7th house and both indicate death of spouse or seperation. Married Life is one’s most important part in life. Foreigner Spouse in Astrology Some people are attracted to the opposite of themselves, which is why we see many more inter-racial couples today. "If it didn't work, it would long ago have taken its place alongside them in the footnotes of history," the Capricorn in 7th House Astrology. Calculate Longevity As per Tamil astrology, while judging the death from the 8th house, you must first analyze the life span and if the astrology chart supports death at that period of time. Sadasivaiah. 7th house in Rashi chart indicates the group we involve or interact with. Spouse career will be affected negatively unless his or her career is in astrology, research, mining or anything related with the 8th house. The widowers may have deep feeling of loss of someone, who kept them organized and whole. Similarly, the physical condition of the husband can be evaluated from the ascendant and the position of Moon and the different shades of his character from the 7th house of woman’s horoscope. Seventh House Lord in Eighth House. However, due to this activeness her lifespan may be shortened  Sep 6, 2011 Any astrologer who says they can predict your time of death is dead wrong ( pardon the pun). If eighth house is severely afflicted with first rated malefics like Saturn, Mars and Rahu and if it don’t have any benefic association or aspection then her spouse longevity is in question. The 8th lord in the 8th is considered to be good for longevity, but a weak constitution will be conferred. Lagna shows the details about your personality. It represents moral, immoral, legal or illegal relationships. 8th House: Longevity of the marriage and the assets gained through one's spouse 9th House: How one's marriage lead self to their spiritual home. Seventh House in Astrology is also known as the “House of Marriage and Partnership”. FACE READING OR PHYSIOGNOMY . There have been instances of interracial marriages even back then, but they were not as popular, due to cultural differences and the attitude of society. In Vedic astrology, whatever effects may accrue from the horoscopes of females that are applicable only to men, and most of them are impacting husband or family life only. The book contains more signs of the potential for wealth, as well as tips for making predictions for virtually every other area of life. The guy was childish and wanted to get even with the spouse. If we want to know Age of Spouse through astrology, exact age can not be predicted. This situation could be due to the reasons that the main house of longevity is deciphered from 08th house, which is a hidden or mystical house. … This entry was posted in Astrology, human characterstics and tagged DEATH ASPECTS IN ASTROLOGY, Why Your Zodiac Sign and Horoscope Are Wrong, YOUR LIFE SPAN AND VEDIC ASTROLOGY on May 21, 2015 by admin. With the help of 8th house of the female horoscope the longevity of husband can be foreseen. First of all, when an astrologer begins to examine 7th house, he will try to find out the details of the spouse of the individual from it. I shall publish the horoscope analysis of Jesus Christ, based on Vedic Astrology,in this blog starting from Dec—24—2008 till Dec—31--2008. . 2nd house will indicate the second marriage in astrology. But if the malefic planets are posited in 8th house of both (boys and girl) the effect is cancelled and their match can be considered. The Moon signifies Mother, so for Here we are just seeing the 7th house and not marriage, because to deduce the combinations for marriage, health of marriage, spouse, type of spouse, longevity of the marriage, dangers to the marriage, no of marriages etc. This makes it more accurate and detailed. This is the traditional explanation of this House but can be misleading because the 8th is also a House of Life. Continuation of Premarital intimate Relationships. Represents the person, his innate nature and state of health, vitality, longevity, happiness, personality, appearance, prosperity, general disposition in life,  Dec 23, 2018 Know about each house from 1st to 12th house of a horoscope with Rahu of the 8th or first house, it'll decrease the longevity of the spouse. Also, the strength of 7th house, its Lord and significators Venus and Jupiter will play equally important role, in the longevity of marriage. Eighth-house Venus chart holders are comfortable with sex and appreciate the sensual pleasures it brings. To do this, run the “Chart Report” on Astroved. my books. Navamsa is the ninth division of a sign. It gives lots of wealth to the native. So, for marriage related queries, the lagna is very high. For anything and everything, the Lagna is important. In a horoscope, 8th house rules over the longevity of a person and 8th from 8th house is the 3rd house which also longevity of longevity. Saturn is one of the planet's of longevity in one's life, also. Judge if his life span is long, medium, or short. The 7th house Compatibility of horoscopes for marriages horoscope is likely to promote longevity of the spouse. It explains our character, behaviour, nature, qualities. Throughout my study of astrology, I have devised simple solutions and suggestions to make your life better in all the aspects. per haps this chart cannot be used for determining any karmic problems, assets etc. 8th (Eighth) Lord in Different Houses The Eighth house is ruled by the planet Mars (sign) Scorpio and Mars is lord of 8th house. In the third Jaimini Course I will cover the 4th quarter of the first chapter. "HOW TO JUDGE LONGEVITY & EASY GAINS THROUGH ASTROLOGY" All results of planetary configurations are to be borne by the native. They consider the second spouse to be sibling of your first spouse. Ascendant or Lagna – self. Daily Age Harmonic Longevity and Kp Astrology I am here for the benefit of new students in astrology putting some grouping of houses as written by Shri Chanrakant Bhatt in his books Nakshatra Chintamni, Further Lights on Nakshatra Chintamani. In daily life, we see many faces and in many cases we want to estimate their character and qualities secretly. Byrappa  Relationship Astrology Article--What his astrology chart reveals about his unsuspecting girl friend, at the time that he murdered his pregnant wife Lacey? . Vedic Astrology dates back to 5000 years before our era, the origins of known civilization. The ancient Sanskrit text called Jaimini Sutras, attributed to MaharishiJaimini, who was a disciple of Rishi Vyasa, son of Parashara. Health, Medicine and Astrology. Longevity report gives your timing of death, causes and type of death as per Astrology. If malefic planets are placed in 8th house, re-think before proceeding further. KP Astrology was developed in the last century by famous Indian Astrologer Master Late Prof KS Krishnamurti. Dec 11, 2018 It also indicates whether you will have a long life, and what kind of death you With this placement the spouse of the native might be obsessed  The 7th house should be studied for marriage prospects, nature of the partner, and married life. Physical, intellectual and emotional needs of a person are fulfilled through marriage etc. But There are several factors which influence Age of Spouse in Astrology. Relationship Compatibility Astrology for Love, Intimacy & Business Book by author Gurmeet Singh Astrologer. The summarized indication from D9 Navamsa horoscope houses are as follows. longevity of spouse astrology

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